Be found online by the clients you want

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be confusing and thoroughly daunting to anyone. By providing a monthly SEO package, we offer to take the reigns and craft an SEO strategy to get your business seen by the clients you want. We have been in the trenches for years and have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to achieve greater results.

From site maps and search engine site submission to SEO best practices, we can take your site’s reach to a higher level. Adding an SEO package ensures your site and content will continue to perform.


Practice safe sites

The key to maintaining a secure website is keeping all components up-to-date. By providing a monthly maintenance package we give our clients peace of mind, knowing they are taken care of and their information is secure.

We will routinely update all security patches, all site file back ups, and all plugins (for WordPress sites). If a patch or update affects how your website displays, we will quickly edit code, as needed, so your site is updated with minimal down time.


Wax poetic with SEO in mind

In order to properly speak to clients you need to be a master of your topic. Since you already are the master of your business, we prefer our clients to provide content with their voice and expertise on display. Then we copyedit to maximize your words for SEO and confirm your content is easily digestible for laymen.

If, however, writing is one thing you despise, we have got you covered. We know someone who can gather the information you need to get across and weave the words for you.


No blurry phone pics here

Whether you need product photography, head shots of your prized employees or industrial images of your work space, professional photographs are invaluable. They make the design work, be it online or in a printed piece.

Our house photographer has spent years honing her craft and does her best to make sure your images are the ones that will translate into revenue for your business. Don't let a few poorly shot photos ruin your credibility in a potential client’s eyes.