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Friends of the Wanamaker Organ

Wurlitzer, Macy's ... movies, music. Sign us up!

Scope of work - Event Posters / Event Postcards

The Friends of the Wanamaker Organ came up with a wonderful concept of showcasing classic silent movies while acclaimed organ players played along on their restored Wurtlitzer organ. We were rather taken aback that they requested we do the marketing for the events … what fine company we keep!

Once we composed ourselves we got to creating Posters for two events which were posted inside Macy’s in the historic Wanamaker building (where Mannequin was filmed!), as well as throughout Center City Philadelphia. Coinciding with the posters we designed postcards which were mailed to prospective viewers as well as known attendees to be used as tickets for entry to the gala events!

Finally we were given privilege of re-purposing our poster design to be used on the back cover of Theatre Organ magazine. The ad on the back had been held for several years by the same company, we were informed they gave our design the distinct opportunity of being the first design to replace “temporarily” this time honored position.

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job your firm did on the marketing materials for the events surrounding the Dedication. We were especially impressed with how you researched vintage Wurlitzer ads from the Twenties and generated designs that paid homage to the era without being kitschy. - Curt Mangel, Curator of Organs, Macy’s