Postcard / Letterhead / Business Cards / Gift Certificate

Trinity Massage Haven

Your muscles speak her hands listen

Scope of work - Postcard / Letterhead / Business Cards / Gift Certificate

Nestled in a quaint cabin on the edge of a Blue Bell office park is Trinity Massage Haven an oasis where one can melt away the stresses of everyday life. Ele Dukes had a successful business as well as a fine logo, she came to us to bring it all together and create a cohesive brand. We took several disjointed marketing materials and brought them together to work in tandem.

We gave her brand a color palette and brand element package. A calming blue together with a base grey tone and ornaments gave her business the peaceful brand it deserved. We then took this brand guideline and created a postcard as a leave behind at events but also to be used as a direct marketing piece. Next we fleshed out her stationery by creating business cards, letterhead, gift certificates and thank you cards in the same look. Altogether her brand now has a voice her clients can respond to.