We are down to earth, honest people who love GOOD design. We also love music, food, good libation, friends, fire pits and laughter. When all those things come together at once...well that's just heaven to us.

For the past five years, we have been working together to bring GOOD design to small businesses in Montgomery County and the Greater Philadelphia area under the name of Kolbedesign. We have worked with many start-ups, building new brands from scratch and taking care of everything needed to get that new brand noticed! We have also worked with established businesses refreshing websites, re-branding, and creating marketing materials to help them continue to grow.

Sean studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and harbored a desire to get into web design. When the opportunity presented itself to teach himself web design to keep family informed of the couple's newest addition he set forth learning to give them a blog to see the little one's EVERY move. Seriously...a ton of pictures were shared. That was six years ago, and he stills loves utilizing his graphic skills not only for print, but also to give our clients' web presences the same aesthetic of printed material rather than just a flat website.

Kate studied Fashion Design at Drexel University and has always had a knack for business and branding - ask her parents about “Kate-mart” greeting cards or the Cooper Cocktail Hour delivery menu. Kate brings high energy brainstorming to the table, helping clients define and articulate their truest business dreams and goals in words, then helping Sean articulate those ideas in print and on the screen. She’s no gossip, but she sure loves getting in everybody’s businesses! Hahahaha … and she’s punny, too!